Sunday, December 3, 2017

December 4-8, 2017

Lesson Plans

8:15-9:30  Work with kindergarteners in small groups on reading skills

9:30-10:00  Reading lesson with third graders
                    Corrective Reading: Continue Lesson 22
                    Corrective Reading: Lesson 23
                    Corrective Reading: Lesson 24
                    Corrective Reading: Lesson 25
                    Corrective Reading: Lesson 26

10:13-11:09  Seventh grade English- reading Wonder
                     Finish reading Wonder Chapter 120
                     Write Sentence
                     Complete Chapter 119 WS- A Simple Thing- A Cast of Characters from Wonder
                     Read Chapters 121-123
                     Write sentences
                     Complete Worksheet 121- Floating- Subjects and Predicates
                     Discuss figurative language
                     Complete Post Reading Activity-Recommendations, Chronological Order Activity,
                     Climax and Rising and Falling Action
                     When finished, begin working on Wonder Vocabulary                       
                     Finish assignments from Monday
                     Continue working on vocabulary
                     Review information for test on Wonder

                     Wonder Test
                     Continue working on vocabulary

                     Play Vocab Bingo

                     Wonder Vocabulary Test
                     Begin reading A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley by Charles Dickens
                     Pages 642-643: Guide for Reading
                     Choose parts for play
                     Go over vocabulary
                     Begin reading play: Page 644

                     Reading Standards for Literature
                     Key Ideas and Details: 1,2,3
                     Craft and Structure: 4,5,6
                     Range if Reading and Level of Complexity: 10
                     Writing Standards
                     Production and Distribution of Writing: 4,5
                     Range of Writing: 10
                     Language Standards
                     Conventions of Standard English: 1,2
                     Knowledge of Language: 3
                     Vocabulary Acquisition and Use: 4,5,6

                     Vocabulary: anomalies, apprentice, aversion, cleft palate, contagious, elective, exaggerating, literally, mortality, motivate, petrified, precept, bizarre, catastrophe, celestial, fashionista, flabbergasted, inappropriate, meticulously, mischievous, nauseous, pettiness, sarcastic, splay, counting house, sole executor, solemnized, comforter, humbug, implored, morose, Parliament, Bedlam, liberality, destitute, specter, deliquesce, gruel, misanthrope, void, ponderous, benevolence, scrim, ferret eyes, rapt, apprenticed, pounds, dowerless, donned

                     Objectives:  - improve writing skills
                                         -  read for enjoyment
                                         - learn about figurative language
                                         - increase vocabulary
                                         - to understand and accept differences in people
                                         - to think about being kinder to others
                     SWDOB: reading the novel Wonder, journaling what is happening in complete sentence, completing worksheets about the novel, and discussing figurative language examples together, reading a Christmas Carol

                    Materials: The novel Wonder; The play A Christmas Carol from the seventh grade literature book

                    Assessment: observation, grades on assignments and tests

                    Homework: Students will only have homework if they are absent, or fall behind for some reason.